Image Spam Filter

    In Thunderbird, click on the Tools menu and select Message Filters. Click on New and call it Image Spam.

    First we want to check the box that says Match all of the following. We want to make
    sure we match both rules so we can avoid hitting Aunt Edna who likes to forward everything
    she gets.

    Now in the first box, where it says Subject, select Customize (the last option on the list).
    In New Message Header, type Content-Type (exactly as it is written). Click Add, and
    then OK.

    Next, from the list marked Subject, choose the newly created Content-Type option.
    Leave the middle box as Contains and in the last box type multipart/related, all in lowercase.

    Now click the + sign at the end and lets add a check to hopefully avoid getting valid e-mails.
    In the First box of the second line, where it says Subject, change this to 'From'. Finally change
    the middle box to isn't in my address book and the Last box change to Personal Address Book.

    Now, where it says Perform these actions, have Thunderbird move the message to your Trash,
    or to a Junk folder, or whatever you like. I would not suggest Delete Message, however, as you
    may miss out on some emails as a result. Then click OK and dismiss the main Message Filters dialog.

    When finished your window should look something like this one:

    This should start to catch that nasty image spam and get rid of it for you. Be sure to forward those
    stock ones to the SEC. Lets get these guys prosecuted!!

How can I share my filters?

    Got a filter setup you would like to share to help fight spam? Send them to the e-mail below and
    I will get it added. Try to include instructions on setting it up and possibly screen shots to make it
    easier to setup. Be sure to include how you would like to be given credit on the pages.

How do I contact you

    You can contact me at the addresse below by removing the nospam below, and changing at to @. You will also need to add a . before the org.
    Please feel free to submit bugs, suggestions, and general comments/feedback and questions.

    nospamshadow at ibiblio org
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