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What is it?

This is an extension is for the Thunderbird mail client. You can download the extension below. It is meant to help report spam and illicit e-mails properly, quickly and to the right places. It will also help those that may not be as technical savy as some, and don't understand how to give an admin the needed header information. Please note this program will NOT stop spam. This is meant solely to report spam to companies and law enforcement so they can prosecute spammers. Reporting does help cut back spam for everyone, but it will take time.

If you find this tool useful please consider making a donation to show your appreciation.

I am looking for someone willing to redo the Icon's for this extension. If you are willing to work on this please e-mail me below for more information.

The Software

    Current Stable is
    Current Devel is 1.8.7(Dec 05,2006) Better folder options, this will be in 1.8.7, better icons
  • is the same as the version below but already renamed to the new name. Works with Latest version of Thunderbird
  • Added, Enable/Disable Spamcop, new icons,bug fixes.More info on the logo change can be found here
  • 1.8.5 Changed Options to use Tabs, Added Australian reporting, FDA and SEC. Screen Shots are below.
  • 1.8.4 Adds the function to use spamcops quick reporting feature if your spamcop account has this turned on (i.e I do not use this feature of Spamcop, so let me know if it doesn't work.
  • 1.8.3 Adds the ablity to turn on or off the FTC reporting feature.
  • 1.8.2 adds the ability to use your own custom reporting addresses as part of the reporting. You can string as many of these as you like into this and save it as part of your preferences. Just seperate each address with a coma (,) as seen here.

How to use

NOTE: As of 1.8.6 the logo changed from the familar frog to the image at the top of the page. More on this here.I will update the instructions and documentation as I go along.
    Once installed you should see a frog/green shield icon on your toolbar. If do not see the icon, right click on the toolbar and choose Customize - the button should be available to drag to your toolbar; it will say report under it. For versions before 1.8.6 it will be a frog; for those higher it will be a green shield as seen at the top of this page. Then press OK. NOTE: if you use small icons for 1.8.6 it will still be a frog icon
    To Configure go to Tools - Extensions, Highlight Okopipi and choose Options (preferences in Linux). Some screenshots below will show you how this should look.
    Once you have your options configured, just go to any folder with messages marked junk and click the frog. He will gather everything up and attach them to a message to your configured reporting destinations. Thunderbird cannot send messages by itself, so you must hit send. But everything else is done for you.
    For 1.8.5 you will only need to un-check the option to enable for the country to disable reporting for those addresses. For example if you are an Australian you can check the box to report mail to the proper address listed in the options. Then enable/disable the Australian reporting with one check box. The same works for the American(US) reporting, you can turn on the FTC reporting for example and enable or disable the US reporting with one check box.
    NOTE: As of 1.8.6 Spamcop is no longer required to use this tool. You can now enable/disable spamcop and still use the other functions. If you are upgrading from a previous version you will need to enable spamcop to continue reporting to them.
    To use this currently you need a SpamCop account. For your spamcop ID you need to only use the ID part of the forward to address. Below is an example, you replace [spamcop ID] with the random string of letters and numbers, that is your ID.
    HINT:It is the text below in BOLD

    submit.[spamcop ID]

    NOTE:The [ and ] are only to show you the location of your ID, do NOT use these in your ID.
    Be sure you read all of spamcops rules before signing up. I will add an option to 1.8.6 to turn this off, for now you can just remove this from the To: in the e-mail before you send it.

    For Australian Citizens please register with the ACMA. You can register to submit anonymously or with your contact info; contact information is only used should they need contact you for more information and is kept confidential. This helps them, and helps you and it adds more weight to your reports.
    Then go to the Australian tab, and enter the ID that the ACMA sent to your e-mail when you registered, or leave anonymous if you want to use the anonymous feature. You only need the part of the ID before the
    For example if is what the ACMA sent to you. You would only need to enter sub-15991-19B4511Z24P232K292TZ to submit your SPAM.
    Thats all there is to it. Please let me know if you have any problems.


    1.8.6 SpamCop reporting tab
    1.8.6 KnuJon reporting tab
    1.8.5 Australian reporting tab
    1.8.5 American reporting tab
    1.8.5 Spamcop reporting tab
    1.8.5 Basic Options tabs
    1.8.4 options screen with new quick spamcop feature as well as those below.
    1.8.3 options screen with FTC reporting on and with examples of using the custom report area for multiple addresses.
    1.8.x is a screenshot of the e-mail report before it is sent.
    1.8.x The extension window with Okopipi installed.

Where does it all go?

    Below are a list of places this will currently report to on for you.
    SpamCop: SpamCop determines the origin of unwanted email and reports it to the relevant Internet service providers. By reporting spam, you have a positive impact on the problem. Reporting unsolicited email also helps feed spam filtering systems, including, but not limited to, SpamCop's own service.
    The FTC: The FTC uses the spam stored in this database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive email.
    The SEC: Forward investment-related spam e-mails to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
    The FDA: To report e-mail that involves possibly fraudulent claims about medical devices or products.
    ACMA: Australian Communications Authority
    KnuJon Someone who wants all your spam and they handle the reporting and complaints.

    To Be Added

    The MHRA: The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for the UK.
    Interpol: Interpol's Illegal drugs or trafficking in prescription drugs across borders.
    ASIC: Australian investment spam
    Department of Finance: Canada Investment Spam
    Others added depending on user feedback on where they would like to be able to quickly report to. See the useful links section below to find other places to report unsolicited e-mails to including proper law enforcement agencies.

What if I have problems?

    If you have problems try the following. If this doesn't solve your problem, then contact me at the address below.

  • Are you in the directory with mail marked as junk/spam? You must be in the folder you want to report from.
  • Do you have the knujon or spamcopper plug-in installed? If so you will need to remove these as they conflict.
  • More to come as I dig through my e-mail

    If the above fails to help you please e-mail me with the problem your having, the plug-ins you have installed and a copy of the errors from the javascript console (Tools->Javascript Console)

Why Bother?

    Why even bother reporting spam, no one does anything?
    While this may appear to be true, I don't believe in just letting these theives and cyber terrorist go unchallanged. I know that word gets used a lot, but that is what they are (look at the life and death of blue frog below). I have also seen law enforcement taking action, and every report helps them track down and prosecute those responsible.
    These criminals steal resources from legitimate businesses so they can spread their garbage to everyone they can find indiscriminately. They steal your time and resources too by having to deal with it. They don't care what they send or to whom, take a moment to think of all the garbage you have gotten over the past year, and consider that some child somewhere got a copy of it as well...
    Why not just delete it?
    I delete it, but after I report it. The same as I would report someone breaking into a house, stealing a car, or abusing a child. This problem is not going to go away by just ignoring it. You have to do something or it will continue to grow worse. If your country has laws, use them. That is what it is for, you can not expect anyone to do anything if you don't help by reporting it.

Useful Links & Information

    Thunderbird Filters A list of filters to help catch spam.
    Open All Links An extension that works well with this one to speed reporting to spamcop
    Spamlinks Reporting Addresses A nice list of addresses to report spam & scams to.
    Bitdefender Offers a free Anti-virus, if you like it consider purchasing.
    AVG Anti-Virus Another Anti-virus that offers a free version.
    Note that Bitdefender and AVG can run together and do not conflict. I have found both of these to be better than the other commerical solutions available such as Norton and McAfee. I also like that they are willing to give away the product.It is definately worth paying for.
    Spam Reporting Addresses Another site with links on where to report stuff and how.
    Why phising works A Nice paper on why phising scams work and some ideas on combatting them.
    Spybot Search & Destroy A nice utility for preventing and removing spyware.
    Spyware Blaster A free tool to help block and prevent spyware and malicious sites.
    Spam Laws A nice list of Anti-Spam Laws both for US and International residents. Highly suggested reading. Learn the laws that affect you and use them.
    Spam Matters AUSTRALIAN ONLY This is the prefered tool by the ACMA for Outlook and Outlook express.
    Google Spam This is the link to report that annoying search engine spam. The ones where tons of sites link to get higher in the search results for google.
    Stop Badware A site for reporting Malware, SPyware, and just nasty programs. Feeds googles new search to help protect the less technical amongst us.
    My Home Page Has some more information about e-mail security.
    Stop Spam Harvesters, Join Project Honey Pot Project Honey Pot is a distributed system for identifying spammers and spambots. Worth spreading around.

How do I contact you

    The link below will take you to the Habu Project forums. Please feel free to submit bugs, suggestions, and general comments.
    Discussion Froums

News and Updates

    Feb 05, 2009 - Still waiting for mozilla, consolidating all habu related stuff to the new site, the sourceforge, googlepages and ibiblio will be backup sites.
    Jan 30, 2009 - I am still waiting for mozilla to approve my current version. While I am waiting I am working on the next version of Habu (1.8.7).
    Jan 12, 2009 - I am getting back up to speed on where and what I was working on when I left off. It has been a bit since I touched the code but hopefully in a few days I will be able to hammer out the next release that is long overdue.


    This tool is a modification/re-write of the now defunct Blue Frog. It was meant to be used with Okopipi. It's pronounced Oko-pip-e (as in Pippi Longstockings). If you are wondering where the name came from, the Okopipi is a type of poison dart frog found in South America, specifically in the Sipaliwini District in Suriname. Dendrobates azureus is widely known as the Blue Poison Dart Frog or by its Tirio name, Okopipi.
    For those interested you can read more about life and death of Blue Frog here.
    Special Thanks to PharmaMaster for inspiring me to get more involved in the Anti-Spam community.