Why the change?

    I have decided to change the logos used for this plugin for several reasons.

  • First, the frog is copyrighted by Bluesecurity. While I made minor modifications I would rather protect myself from a possible lawsuit. I have tried to contact the Bluesecurity guys and ask for permission to use the icon, but was unsuccessful in reaching them.
  • Secondly, I am looking at renaming the plugin since it appears Okopipi is not going anywhere. The plugin has also evolved way past one tool and continues to do so. Now it allows even a novice spam fighter to report spam to multiple places with the push of a button. If Okopipi ever does get off the ground I will add them.

    I know this change may confuse some, and a lot were used to the frog icon, but unfortunately I am not a graphics person so the change was more dramtic than I would have liked. If someone is willing to make something better please feel free to do so and send them to me.
    For those who are using the small icon set you will not notice this change yet, as I have not had time to redo that icon.
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