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What is PGP

    Pretty Good Privacy. A public-private key cryptography system which allows for users to more easily integrate the use of encryption in their daily tasks, such as electronic mail protection and authentication, and protecting files stored on a computer. PGP is available for free Here.

How does this help

    PGP lets you encrypt or sign an e-mail so other people can verify it came from you. If you sign all your e-mails (like I do) and someone gets a message one day that isn't signed. Chances are it didn't come from you and they know to be suspicious of that message.
    If a message is signed or encrypted you can verify that signature and thus the sender from your own keyring or one of the many keyservers. So even if someone tries to spoof a key, it will fail the verification.
    If you host or attend Key signing parties it will let you meet people and get some signatures on your key ring. This is helps build a web of trust (explained at the link above), which makes it harder for someone to pretend to be someone they are not. Plus it is normally a safe way to meet people in your area since a lot of security people attend these events. For you non-techie types, its also a way to make friends with your local'computer geeks' to help fix those pesky computer problems.
    This would also help prevent a virus from spreading from your address book. Because the people you e-mail regularly would know if it isn't PGP signed to delete it.

How to use it

How do I contact you

    You can contact me by posting on my Forums.