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    This is a simple application I modified and added to for my grandfather to backup his files that I have decided to share.
    This is one of the very rare occasions I write something that is targetted at windows, though it is cross platform. Not in its current form. It is very simple by design with no error checking at this moment.
    It is written in Python. The windows binary is compiled with py2exe.
    The installer I used to create the install/uninstall package was NSIS. These are all
    free/Open source tools.

    pyBackup uses a .csv (comma seperated) file to tell it the files and directories to backup. It will create a zip file you give it in the backup.csv file used for the configuration. You can also optionally add the date to the backup file name so you can keep track of the backup creation.


    This program is made to be very simple, as backing up data is not a complex task. pyBackup reads in the backup.csv file and creates zip files of the files you tell it too.
    The backup.csv is very simple to understand. You can edit this file with any text editor (i.e. notepad, wordpad, or word) or even a spreadsheet program such as excel or an even better option Open Office.
    The format of this file is simply source,destination,date. The source option is the data you want to backup, the destination option is the name of the file you want as your backup. The date section is an option to add the date to your backup.
    So lets say you have a folder called

    C:\Work Documents

    that you want to backup as

    in your C:\ your backup.csv will look like:

    C:\Work Documents,C:\document,date

    Thats all you need, if you want to add more files, simply create another line in the same format and your done. Below is an example of multiple directories and files.

    C:\Work Documents,C:\document,date



    You can download the installer for windows below. I will upload the source (python scripts) later.
    1.2 Added a check if the backup file didn't exist,create it. minor bug fixes
    1.1 adds supports to append data to an existing backup.
    1.0 inital public release simple zip utility.
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